Tuesday, January 09, 2007

biking in a skirt

We were planning to save this for Spring, but we noticed a couple searches on the topic were sending people to cfa2. Since we are having a balmy January anyway, here are a few tips on riding like a girl.

If you're riding in a skirt, consider:
- wearing heavier, limp material that is less likely to lift in the wind
- wearing shorts or tights under your skirt
- fixing your skirt to your leg (garter, pant leg strap or tape)
- busting out your legwarmers from 1984 on cold days
- sporting those cute panties that you are dying to show off

how to dress like a girl and still ride a bike
(definitely read the comments)

how to ride in a skirt and heels

A skirtguard keeps your skirt from getting caught in the rear wheel spokes and brakes.

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