Monday, February 19, 2007

Ypsi [heart] bikes

As mentioned "in brief" in the AANews, WBWC will host a little non-motorized get-together at the Corner Brewery in Ypsi on Thursday, Feb 22. The event includes a showing of "Still We Ride", the Critical Mass movie, as well as updates and info on upcoming NMT projects and events in Ypsi. The News is quick to point out that these projects "would be funded by grants from groups outside of Ypsilanti."

Upcoming Ypsi events include a Safe Routs to School training session on March 13 and "Get Active Ypsi", a month of fun events that encourage Ypsians to get 30 minutes of exercise every day which is very easy if you walk or bike to work). The events coincide with Ann Arbor's Curb Your Car Month.


HomelessDave said...

From the brief: "Plans are currently in place to expand nonmotorized facilities in Ypsilanti, including bringing the Washtenaw County Border-to-Border trail into the core of the city.

These projects would be funded by grants from groups outside of Ypsilanti."

It's the projects' funding that's referenced--a useful datapoint for Ypsilanti readers who might otherwise invest some energy making the case that investments in NMT infrastructure using Ypsilanti City dollars should take a backseat to other priorities, given the fairly dire financial straits Ypsilanti is currently experiencing.

Scott said...

Thanks, HD, for pointing out the error. It's corrected in the post now.

I agree that this is an important distinction to make at a time when every new expenditure is questioned. It's nice to know that even during periods of local financial difficulty there are still funding sources available to keep these projects moving forward.

I can't wait for the Border-toBorder trail to finally be complete! I'm glad that the project doesn't strictly depend on every local governments willingness and ability to fund their section.