Monday, March 26, 2007

amtrak wolverine service changes

As of April 2, Amtrak is adjusting the schedule of the Wolverine, the train that gets the good people of Ann Arbor to Chicago. The new departure times are:
Eastbound from Ann Arbor: 2:09pm 5:47pm 11:30pm
Westbound from Ann Arbor: 8:23am 12:56pm 6:51pm

According to the AANews, the Eastbound afternoon train was pushed back 40 minutes to allow Millwaukee riders to make a transfer in Chicago.
Benefits for Ann Arbor: none we can think of.

The second Eastbound train is bumped up an hour, for the benefits of Chicagoans who are already losing an hour coming to Michigan.
Benefits for Ann Arbor: get to Detroit in time for dinner before the show?

The final Westbound of the day will leave A2 about an hour later, a change with no explanation.
Benefits to Ann Arbor: more time after work to bike to the Amtrak station.

Overall, the change in departure times don't do much for Ann Arborites, unless they are returning from Milwaukee or Chicago. If Amtrak is taking requests, it sure would be nice to allow bikes on the Wolverine!


Bruce Fields said...

"get to Detroit in time for dinner before the show?"

Anyone know the on-time record for that particular stretch?

I like taking the train, but unfortunately I wouldn't normally count on Amtrak for anything more than a 24 hour's accuracy on arrival times....

Anonymous said...

The reason that train 355 arrives an hour later(the explanation)is that the equipment turns at pontiac.Therefore if the train leaves Chicago an hour earlier I guess the train would need an extra hour to get back.Makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

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