Monday, April 02, 2007

blue bus etiquette

Laura sent us a link to some advice on being a good rider at the Ann Arbor Crier.

Above all else, follow two simple rules: Do not be in the way, and pretend everyone on the bus is your grandma. Use these as your rubric for courtesy and you’ll notice fewer Death Stares in your direction.
Students are one of the more neglected carfree groups (along with disasbled folks, homeless people, and the elderly population) on our site. While we are trying to correct this oversight, it is nice to see others picking up our slack, helping to define a local bus culture.

The list of tips focuses on being a polite rider. Among the 13 suggestions, this is our favorite:
When it’s 4:30 and the older University employees are leaving their jobs, laden with briefcases and coats, give them your seat. They need it more than you do. The same goes, of course, for pregnant women, kids and the elderly. Relevant stops: the entire medical campus.
Good manners start on the bus.


Nancy Shore, SOS Community Relations Coordinator said...

I would also add that you should thank the driver when you get off.

Drivers are really nice folks and they deserve a little acknowledgement for their work every now and again.

I've even seen people give food to the Driver, but I am not advocating that, necessarily.

Edward Vielmetti said...

There was a drive on the inbound #5 who said that on a neighborhood route they used to drive in Ypsi, someone who was a regular rider would give them a plate of chicken from time to time.

Kelli said...

Frankly, I find the AATA bus riders need a lot more training in bus manners than do the students on UM busses.

I don't necessarily think it's necessarily inherent to the students; it may simply be that the UM busses are full more often than AATA busses.

I take the 5 regularly, and I'm appalled by the number of people who sit in the outer of two seats. Nobody should have to ask you to move to use an empty seat on the bus. The other common and flagrant error is leaving your bags or whatever on one or more extra seats when the bus starts to fill up. There's really just no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Drivers are really nice folks and they deserve a little acknowledgement for their work every now and again.



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Collision Concierge said...

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the day to be kind to one another. I use to live in LA and take the bus. Funny enough, people did all the above mentioned things.

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