Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hauling things by bike

I had really hoped to have a more spectacular re-launch of CFA2 in time for Curb Your Car Month 08, but it's been way busy on the non-motorized transportation front lately (which is a good thing) and it turns out it's not that easy to find bloggers who are not already blogging. So we'll do the best we can and maybe hope to have lots of new posts in time for World Carfree Day in September.

I'm (finally) prompted to post by an excellent recent Grist article on cargo bikes. Who could resist a title like Haul's Well that Ends Well?

Now, anyone know if anyone in town has an Xtracycle?


Milo said...

Homemade extracycle?

I've been wanting to add an extracycle to my stable of bikes, but now Surly in making the Big Dummy ( that is a complete frame incorporating the extracycle design, without being a bolt on. Looking at it got me thinking that its really just a tandem bike without a rear seat tube. Anyone have a seldom used tandem in the garage they'd be interested in trying an "extracycle" conversion on?

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