Thursday, August 31, 2006

bike trailer

I use an Equinox bike trailer ($422 base model) that I bought on line. I routinely (literally every week) load this trailer up with a week's worth of groceries for our family of four. Most Saturdays, I buy a 40lb bag of compost/manure at Downtown Home and Garden, pick up our Tantre Farms share at the Farmers Market as well as another 20 lbs or so of whatever's in season, and then head to the Food Co-op for milk, eggs, etc. It often runs to 100-120 lbs of stuff. I've put up to 150 lbs in the trailer and another 40 lbs in my panniers. You need low gears for this kind of hauling. There are trailers rated to 500 lbs (see

Contributed by: Ken Clark

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