Thursday, August 31, 2006

Magicbus: UofM realtime bus data

Simply put, Magicbus is "as an effort to improve the experience of University bus passengers by enabling them to see where buses are and when they can be expected at bus stops." You can check bus location online through three different interfaces (route, line, and stop). The service is brand new, but the information seems to be accurate and updated every minute or two. They also offer an AoL Instant Messager service and an xml feed, which we hope someone will use to make a simpler, map-less version.

This is the best thing to happen to buses since bike racks, which UofM buses don't have. AATA buses have bike racks, but not this great online service. It's time these two did a little technology sharing. Real-time, online info would be VERY useful for AATA buses.


Contributed by: Scott TenBrink

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