Wednesday, August 30, 2006

kids on the bus

Bus outings with kids are fantastic--kids love the bus! Kids under 5 are free. We go downtown, to playgrounds outside downtown, malls, and to check-ups regularly by bus with kids (now ages 8, 3, and 3). With just one kid, I'd usually opt to take either a "back-pack" type carrier (Kelty) or sling (my two favorites are both discussed on Strollers are also good, but you need one light easy to fold up! With one kid not yet walking, I'd walk to the bus stop with kid in stroller, fold up stroller for the bus and put her in the sling for getting on/off the bus, then put her back in the stroller to move around town, or at the mall, whatever. With more than one kid, can also have one in the stroller and one in the sling. The important thing is to make the bus ride part of the fun activity you are doing with your kid, and not be rushed.I travelled by bus quite a bit with my twins when they were small (and still do, even more). An easy to fold twin-umbrella type stroller is the key. Jeep makes a good one.

Contributed by: Karen Smith

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