Thursday, August 31, 2006


If you work downtown (that is, within the DDA boundary-map), your employer could be providing you with a free transit map. The go!pass program, operated by the getDowntown program, allows downtown employers to buy free transit passes for all of their employees for $5/person. You can use the transit pass at any time on any AATA route. That means not only is your commute to work free, but you can also get a free ride to the mall or grocery store. If you work downtown and don't have a go!pass, talk to your boss or contact the getDowntown program and they will do the sales pitch on your behalf.
A bunch of downtown retailers like Relax Station, Crazy Wisdom, and Footprints, also offer discounts for go!pass holders!

Phone: (734) 214-0100

Contributed by: Scott TenBrink


Chuck said...

You know what would really help here? A map of the go-pass boundaries. I really don't want to be bothered by trying to plot the go-pass boundaries just to find out if 730 Tappan is in bounds or not.

(short of a map, can somebody who knows email me at chuck at icpj dot net and let me know?)

Scott said...

The DDA map linked above is the go!pass map. They are the same.
Just to clarify, this is the boundary for participation- employers have to be within the DDA to participate in the go!pass program. Pass-holders can ride the bus anywhere.

Also, it looks like you're not in the DDA. Since the DDA funds the program, they are not likely to let you in on it. My advise is to contact Erica and try to shmooze her into an exception. If that doesn't work, maybe go off the handle about how this program is never going to take off if most of the organizations within the service area don't even have the option of participating.