Wednesday, August 30, 2006

getting kids' buy-in

If you have kids, the best way to ensure that you'll stay committed to being car-free (or car-light) is to get them "on board" with the idea from an early age. Young kids love riding the bus and the freedom of not be restrained in a car seat. And there's nothing better than riding your bike as a kid. Kids can start out in a bike seat or trailer, graduate to a tag-along bike, and then move onto a bike of their own. My son is now often my conscious and argues with me when I get weak and try to do an errand by car. Of course, sometimes kids also getting embarrassed with being seen as different, but these times serve as good opportunity to discuss bigger issues with your children. Challenging the status-quo, doing what's right even if it is a bit harder at times.

Contributed by: Erica Briggs

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