Tuesday, December 12, 2006

bike-powered laundry

Three posts today! I guess we're feeling chatty.

The focus of this site is carfee life and we try to keep posts relevant to getting around Ann Arbor without a car. There are lots of bike junky websites out there. While we often link to them, we don't aim to become one of them.

That said, once in a while something comes along that isn't directly related to our topic but just can't be overlooked. Homeless Dave's DIY human-powered laundry spinner is an obvious example. His set-up uses a bike, indoor trainer, and broken washer to spin the water out of his hand-washed clothes.

Normally we'd argue that stationary bikes are the only bike related thing less practical for getting around than the superhero outfits that are so popular on Huron River Drive on Saturday mornings. For off-season racers and health nuts they may be great, but we find nothing more frustrating than pedaling for an hour only to get off the bike not an inch closer to the grocery store. No fresh air, no cool breeze, no changing scenery, no thanks.

But HD's documentation (like the rest of his site) is a work of art in itself. It is a joy to read his inovative effort to reduce energy consumption and waste, both of which tend to be goals for carfree folks. And while his invention may not get you to work in the morning, at least your laundry is done at the end of the ride.

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