Wednesday, December 20, 2006

cycling through West Hall arch

The diag is one of those cycling short-cuts that can really cut time off your trip, unless classes have just let out and you find yourself caught in a sea of pedestrians chatting on mobile phones. But even if the way is mostly clear, the path funnels at the Southeast corner as you pass through the West Hall arch. There are doors on either side inside that arch where students step out without much thought as to cross traffic.

Despite the politely phrased sign requesting that cyclists walk their bikes through the arch, we see a lot of bikers ride right through. A recent email to WBWC members mentioned that a girl was recent hit by a bike in the arch. Apparently the cyclists didn't even stop.

We've talked previously about the pointless bickering between pedestrians and cyclists. This is one location where cyclists can vastly improve both pedestrian's safety, and pedestrian's image of cyclists. When you ride the road, you can own it. But when cutting through the diag, you're on pedestrian turf. Please slow down and dismount in the arch.

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