Thursday, December 14, 2006

contribute to survey of winter bike racks

Why do cyclists give up their bike commute in the winter? Well, it certainly couldn't be the weather. After all, we're Michiganders, right? We're used to the cold and look forward to the invigorating freshness of a winter morning, the snow crunching crisply under our wheels...

We have a sneaking suspicion that parking might play a role in deterring winter rides. We've seen a number of plowed-in, drifted-over, and otherwise unaccessible bike racks around A2 in the winter. The UM racks are some of the worst examples. We've seen bikes crumpled by the force of a plow that left a rack buried in a mountain of brown, salty snow. Unfortunately we can't prove it. So we're looking for descriptions and/or photos of winter bike racks around town and campus. Prove us wrong or back us up with your own stories and images. Send photos to or just post a comment here.

We don't have anything to give away as a prize for the best entry, but if we did, it would be mittens.

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