Monday, December 11, 2006

carfree gift list

It seems like everyone is posting gift ideas on their blogs right now. So, in an effort to keep up with the Jones, here are a few ideas for carfree gifts for Ann Arborites. You can pick one up for that special carfree person in your life or add these to your own wish list.

blinky- good stocking stuffer for any cyclist or pedestrian in your life
bike locker- $75/year gets you covered bike parking at one of a number of downtown locations. This is exactly the kind of thing that people wouldn't buy for themselves but would really appreciate
go!pass- Downtown employers looking for a way to appreciate employees should definitely consider signing up for the go!pass. For $5/employee you can provide staff with free, unlimited bus rides for a year. Contact the getDowntown program for more info.
monthly bus pass or tokens- Regular bus riders will certainly appreciate a few free rides. You can pick these stocking stuffers up at the Blake Transit Center.
Zipcar membership- Sick of your carfree neighbor bumming rides? Give them a chance to try out Zipcar, the new carsharing service in town. You can cover the first year's membership fee to get them started.
Rental car gift certificates- great for vacations and weekend trips
Amtrak gift certificates- Great for people who make the occasional trip to Chicago. You can buy them online.

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