Wednesday, December 27, 2006

shoe tips, tricks, and crafts

Flitting around the Internets today, we came across a few shoe tips that might be useful for those who get the most out of their footwear. We've even thrown in a witty (or snarky) comment for each!

fix freyed laces
Note that plain ole scotch tape will also work, though it wears out faster.

boot drying rack
Call us lazy, but we just prop our boots up against the heat register.
Note smart people say that you shouldn't dry leather with forced air!

a faster knot
Ian offers what he swears is the fastest shoe knot known to man and 17 other ways to tie your shoes.

shoe size conversion chart
Yes, your size 10 foot is a a 44 European. But did you know it is 273 mm, the measure used in Korea? Print this one out for your next shoe-shopping binge in Tokyo or Mexico City!

shoe snow chains
Shockingly, the comments on the Lifehacker post actually rave about this slip on foot traction. Worth a try?

DIY reheeling
For those dedicated DIY folks, Mother Earth News shows how to resole your shoes with a tire.

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HomelessDave said...

The heat-shrink tubing I've also found to be effective for keeping the end of bicycle brake cables from fraying, when you don't have any of those metal caps handy.