Thursday, November 09, 2006

AATA lost and found

Cold, rain and snow require a bunch of little extras like hat, scarf, gloves (Mittens!), and umbrellas. Unfortunately, these are also easily forgotten if you take them off on the bus.

If you get home from your bus commute one mitten short, AATA has a couple ways to get it back. They offer an online form to submit lost and found inquiries. But you can also call (734) 996-0400, or ask at the desk in the Blakely Transit Center (BTC). AATA staff will search their database of lost items and let you know if they find anything that matches. Lost & found is collected off the buses every evening and held at the BTC, so your best bet for quick recovery is probably to just stop in there. But remember that a lost item may not be turned in until the end of the day.

Hats and gloves are not the only thing that go missing on the bus. We've heard stories of laptops, mobile phones, and bikes left on the rack that turn up in the AATA Lost & Found, and some are never claimed! Valuable items like this are held in more secure facilities at the AATA headquarters, so they aren't as easy to pick up, but they are safer until you retrieve them.

Lots of stuff is never reclaimed. AATA holds all items for at least a month. Eventually, anything useful is donated to a local non-profit. So clip your mittens to your sleeves, keep your hat in your pocket, and check your seat before you leave the bus. And call if something is missing. We're sure AATA would be happy to get it trim the pile a little.

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