Sunday, November 19, 2006

Share the Road campaign kick-off meeting

The getDowntown program is starting the ball rolling on a campaign to promote sharing the road. The announcement email says that the committee will,

help to guide the look & key messages of a Share the Road educational campaign that will be launched next May/June in Ann Arbor. This campaign will be aimed at educating cyclists, motorists and potentially pedestrians to understand their rights and responsibilities on the road.

The first planning meeting will be scheduled for Wednesday Monday, December 4th
from 6:30-8pm here at the Ann Arbor Chamber offices in the DTE buidling on the corner of Main and Williams. Pizza and drinks provided. Contact Erica Briggs at 734.214.0100 to let her know you are coming and ensure there is enough pizza.

This is an important component to better carfee living, whether you bike, walk, or bus. Thanks to Erica for taking the initiative.


HomelessDave said...

Clarification needed: 4th of December falls on a Monday.

Scott said...

Thanks for catching that, HD. The post has been revised to indicate that the meeting is on Monday, not Wednesday.