Sunday, November 19, 2006


A cool event that combines buying local, riding bikes, and donating to foodbanks took place in Iowa this year.

It's a scavenger hunt for donated food. Riders all get a grocery list of 10 items that must all be collected from different stores. The first one back with a complete list and receipt to prove it wins. The limit of one item per store means that knowing your local merchants will be much more important than being fast on a bike. All the food collected is donated to the local food bank.

It's a great way to increase awareness of all the local sources for groceries, as well as a fun way to promote cycling as an good way to get around town. We would bet that even with the petrol "advantage" cagers (car drivers) couldn't complete this task faster than cyclists.

What do you say, Ann Arbor? Cranksgiving next year?

Thanks to CommutebyBike for the lead

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