Monday, November 13, 2006

eating on the bus

The nice thing about riding the bus is you don't have to focus on the road. You can redirect all of the energy that is wasted as stress in motorists to other tasks like reading, knitting, writing a grocery list, listening to language tapes, grabbing a bite to eat...

Er, well, actually your not allowed to eat on the bus. While the bus may seem like the perfect place to lounge with a good book and a cappaccino, AATA states pretty clearly that no open food or beverage is allowed on the bus. And there are some pretty good reasons why they make that rule.

1. Cleanliness- The AATA buses are kept pretty clean, and the bus drivers are busy. they don't schedule in time to mop up the croisant crumbs soaking in a puddle of latte that you spilled on the floor. Of course you would never do such a thing on the bus. But if we let you do it, we have to let everyone else do it, too. Take a quick look around on your next bus ride. Can you vouch for all these people not dropping crumbs or wrappers?

2. Passenger annoyance- Your carmel mochaccino might smell good to you, but that doesn't mean everyone is enjoying it. The lady in front of you hates the smell of coffee, and the guy across the aisle just decided to bring a hot anchovie and onion sandwich to eat on tomorrows commute.

3. Safety- AATA doesn't want you choking on a muffin because of a sudden stop or pothole. And no one wants to slip on the 2% milk you spilled on the stairs.

But you're not convinced, are you? If you still think you can sneak a snack past the driver, then we'll suggest a few ways to minimize the imapact of your illicit munchies.

1. Don't be conspicuous. A BBQ is going to draw attention. Consider small, bite-sized snacks that you can keep in your bag and eat one at a time. People are less likely to notice and you are less likely to make a mess. Grapes, Teddy-grams, dried fruit, etc.

2. Don't make a mess. Avoid crumbly, goopy, or sloshy foods that leave evidence. Again, bite-sized snacks are a good solution.

3. Clean up your mess. Bring something to wipe up any crumbs or spills that might happen even though you are being really careful.

4. Avoid stinky snacks. Cheese and meat, garlic or onion flavorings, and hot foods stink up the bus. That attracts attention and makes an unpleasant ride for other passengers.

5. Keep drinks in an air-tight container. They are less likely to spill and smell.

6. Share. Maybe the driver will be more understanding if s/he has something to munch on, too.

7. If you do get caught by the driver or another passenger, don't make a big fuss. We all know you broke the rules. Be an adult about it and put the food away.

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Anonymous said...

I work for a transit agency. This he heresy, of course,but it was WELL wriiten and fun to read. I like it!