Thursday, November 09, 2006

traveling with a bike

For anyone planning to escape the cold over one of the up-coming holiday weekends, BikeAccess.Net has a decent collection on tips for traveling with a bike. the site covers every aspect of with-bike travel including:
*how to get to and from airports by bike
*airline policies on bike lugggage
*bike boxes and packaging
*folding bikes
*shipping bikes via UPS and FedEx
*Renting bikes
*Bikes on trains
*the impact of post 9-11 TSA policy on traveling with bikes

The content is completely user generated. While they have info from all over the world, we didn't find much about the Detroit-Ann Arbor area. Important info for our region is missing, like the fact that you can't take a bike on Amtrak trains from the Ann Arbor station. There is also no bike route posted for DTW. But there are a couple horror stories about people trying to get their bike on a NWA flight. Maybe you can sympathize.

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