Thursday, November 23, 2006

bikes: lost and found and unclaimed

After visiting the AAPD lost and found list, we fear that disrespect for bikes is hardly limited to road-raging car-muters. It extends to bike owners themselves.

The L&F list shows 168 items collected as far back as October, 2005. Nearly half of the list is bicycles! In fact, more than 50 bikes collected over the past 3 months are now clogging up police storage facilities. Note that this number does not include any bikes abandoned on University racks, which are dealt with by the University.

If you've "lost" a bike recently, you should stop by the police station to see if you can make a match. It's heart-wrenching to think of all those orphaned bikes.

If you've registered your bike, the process should be easy. Even if you haven't registered your bike, a good description should be sufficient. Based on the number of bikes they have to store, the police are probably willing to work with you if it means reducing their inventory.

You can contact them at
100 N. Fifth Ave, 1st floor of City Hall,
Go to the Police Reception Desk
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m.
Phone: (734) 994-2874

AAPD used to hold semi-annual bike auctions in order to empty our their warehouse. It was a great place to pick up a cheap and functional bike, and sometimes walk away with classic parts and frames for only a few dollars. Sadly, the bike auction is no more. We believe that unclaimed bikes are now donated to a local charity, but that is not confirmed.

It would be great if the immediate and direct reuse of bikes that the auction provided could return. This could be a great fundraiser for WBWC and would be a great event for promoting bike culture in town.

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