Monday, October 02, 2006

Enterprise car rental

In response to our previous tip on National car rental, Homeless Dave gives a shout-out to Enterprise:

Enterprise Rental Car on Huron, which is walkable from the west-side leafy neighborhoods and from downtown, is worth adding as a rental possibility. They even pick you up. And you don't have to go to the airport.

I live close enough to that location to walk to it and they know who I am, but they unfailingly offer to pick me up when I call in to reserve and offer to drive me back home, when I drop off the vehicle, even though I've never taken them up on it.

We're frequent renters from there, because we prefer to have a nice reliable car with a comfy ride for long, out-of-town trips (just came back from a drive to Washington, DC through the hinterlands of Ohio in the comfort of a PT Cruiser) and not put extra miles on the little Honda Civic Hatchback. Can't vouch for the competitiveness of their rates, but they've nailed the customer service every time.

ANN ARBOR, MI 48103-4206
Tel.: (734) 327-2600

Web Link for that location:

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