Monday, October 02, 2006

bad weather biking internet round-up

In researching tips on commuting in the coming cold, we find that most information can already be found somewhere else. In fact, there has already been a lot of replication on this topic. We fully intend to recreate the wheel one more time on carfree ann arbor by posting some specific tips. In the meantime, here are a few winter biking drain traps in that series of tubes that we lovingly call the Internets.

As always, readers are encouraged to add their own favorites as a comment.

Pretty much every site that talks about winter cycling recommends ice bike as the authority on biking in bad weather. They cover clothing, equipment, technique, and pretty much everything you need to know. They also have a mailing list. To subscribe send an email with subject heading: "subscribe icebike [firstname] [lastname]" to

Kent Peterson posted text from his seminar on bad weather biking. Being from the Pacific Northwest, he provides lots of detail on dealing with rain, but doesn't address the snow and cold of a Michigan winter.

Bike Winter is a midwest celebration of all-season cycling including Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Ann Arbor. There are lots of good tips here. Our favorites include winter mods for kid trailers and thrifty winter clothing.

All Weather Sports offers more technical and advanced tips that are not geared toward commuting. But this site has ideas you probably won't find elsewhere.

Bike Forums has a popular winter cycling section with the usual plethera of creative and often contradictory advice that forums thrive on. See the farmer blow for a good example.

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