Wednesday, October 04, 2006

walkability presentation

For all you policy wonks out there:

Adreanne Waller, MPH, senior health analyst, Washtenaw County Health Department, will present "Walkability: A Major Route to a Livable Community," at 3 p.m., Oct. 18, in Lecture Hall, Room 1690, SPH I [School of Public Health on the U-M Campus]. This presentation will focus on Washtenaw County and the corresponding overweight, physical activity and nutritional indicators, and how the Washtenaw County Public Health Department has used surveillance, behavioral, community building and environmental and policy approaches to address these issues. Attention will be focused on how public health has worked with Planners to improve walkability in Chelsea.

We think this will be interesting, not in order to hear how walking to work is good for you (yet again), but because WCHD is addressing the inconsistencies between public health policy and urban form. The timing isn't great for most work schedules, but if you attend we'd appreciate a summary (or a podcast!).

thanks, WBWC, for the heads-up

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