Wednesday, October 04, 2006

open letter to motorists

Over in Toronto, the crazybikerchick published a lengthy an open letter to motorists (aka cagers -we love that term). The letter outlines common issues cyclists have with motorized traffic in a calm manner that is frankly uncharacteristic of most cyclist's rants.

She also makes some controversial claims, like advocating for rolling stops for cyclists. "I'm sorry if I break the occasional traffic law, which were designed with the dangers inherent in the automobile in mind." A couple comments add that helmets are not the end-all-be-all of cycling safety and don't want lectures from motorists about it.

We recommend scanning the long comment thread for discussion on how effective such a letter might be (beyond rallying the choir), and some insights from the motorists perspective. Our favorite is the Ugly American who invokes the mighty gas-tax-pays-for-the-road argument. He continues, "If the builders of the road are gracious enough to put in a bike lane, then great, use it. Otherwise there is no reason that a bicycle rider should be in the road, period."

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