Wednesday, October 25, 2006

carfree Myanmar

Sorry for the long weekend of dead air. We took a little trip to Myanmar and forgot to tell anyone to water the plants while we were gone. However, even on vacation we kept an eye out for carfree tips and treats. While they may not be totally transferable to the over-legalized first world, these pics might give you a few new ideas for living carfree.

This is one of the most elegant bike mods we've ever seen. They work great as non-motorized taxis, carry up to four people, and don't take up a lot of space on the road or when parked, like many bicycle rickshaws do.
when you think Ann Arbor, think pedicab!

It is hot in Yangon. The roads are bumpy and often dusty. Most of the folks in this picture will be on the "bus" in intimate contact with fellow passengers for the next two hours on the way to the next town.
So maybe the audio leak from the headphones in front of you isn't such a big deal after all.

This one is for all those folks who don't ride a bike because it is too difficult to carry a bottle of laundry detergent home from the store.

Again, sorry for the black-out. You can look forward again to regular posting. Feel free to write us with your own contributions.


Bruce Fields said...

Well, we'll let you take a break every now and then as long as you bring us back pictures.

(Hey, though--what kinda vehicle were those pictures taken *from*?)

Murph said...

So what is the attachment here? It looks like they're trike-ing their bikes with a third wheel sticking off the right side? Kind of a sidecar deal?

Scott said...

I'm kicking myself for not getting more detailed photos of the bikes. The third wheel is a sort of sidecar that mounts to the bike frame with fitted wooden clamps (as best I could tell) in two places.
The sidecar has two seats- one facing forward and one backward- accomodating two passengers with very skinny asses. The seats reminded me of those in racing wheelchairs- very small.
In usual SEA fashion, extra passengers find informal seating as well. In this photo one is sitting on the rear rack of the bike.

And yes, bruce, while most of the pics were shot while walking around downtown, a couple were from the window of one of the nastiest taxis I've ever ridden in.