Monday, October 30, 2006

passenger rails build momentum on collision course with ann arbor

The News posted articles on the progress of two potential rail projects with an Ann Arbor terminus: the Livingston-Ann Arbor line and the Ann Arobr-Detroit Transit Study.

The discussion on these articles is already going on over at Arbor Update. We'll just add that these plans could potentially result in three separate train stations in one little city. How these plans are coordinated with eachother and existing services like Greyhound, AATA, and Amtrak is just as important as whether they come about.

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David B said...

I've just moved here from Europe where this type of transportation is developing at great speed. The new high speed trains are now becoming an attractive alternative to air travel and from an ecological point of view, it sure makes sense.

I love it here in Ann Arbor, and think it is sacrilage that an existing infrastructure which was so important in the early days of our (Ann Arbor)regional development lies forsaken and unattended, save only for a couple of Ann Arbor Railroad locomotives which ply their trade religiously up and down to Toledo.

I for one vocally support the proposed development.