Friday, October 06, 2006

nancy shore joins AATA board

Nancy Shore, Community Relations Coordinator for SOS Community Services, has recently been appointed as a member of the AATA board. Before your eyes glaze over and you write this off as just another memo on local bureaucracy, we should point out that this is a big deal! For one thing, based on our limited interaction with her, she is a totally awesome person who is passionate about community issues. For another, she believes in transit, uses transit, and works with people who need transit. That is a mighty combination that, as far as we know, is new to the AATA board.

If you are not convinced yet, we encourage you to check out her turn on the totter. She even throws out a good tip on biking to work, that we plan to steal immediately and post here.

(As far as that goes, we generally encourage people to keep abreast of the happenings on Homeless Dave's teeter-totter. It's a great way to get aquainted with your community.)

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