Wednesday, September 06, 2006

commuter clothing stash

By committing to car-free commuting, I’m also committing to repeated weather interaction. Whether commuting by bus, bike, or foot I know that I can't escape bad weather. Instead of worrying about keeping my cloths clean and dry on the way to work, I usually carry my work clothes in my backpack and dress in the bathroom at work. Properly folded and protected, my clothes are basically wrinkle-free when I arrive. If I sweat a little while pedaling uphill, I have fresh clothes to put on at the office.
I also keep a comfortable pair of work shoes at my desk so I can ride with my cycling shoes, and keep an emergency change of clothes in a desk drawer in case a city bus dowses my backpack in a tidal wave of road wash. You can also keep a washcloth, deodorant, comb, etc. in this emergency stash. Even though my office doesn’t have shower facilities, the bathroom offers plenty of space for a quick change.

Contributed by: Scott TenBrink

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