Monday, September 11, 2006

world carfree day is September 22

In Ann Arbor, most of our carfree events take place in May during Curb Your Car Month. However, there is a world-wide effort to leave cars home every year in September. While Ann Arbor hasn't registered any events for this carfree celebration, there is nothing preventing you from celebrating on your own, or even organizing a group event.

This year, World Carfree Day is focussing on street conversions. There is a competition seeking entries on creative ways to use space that is currently consumed by automobile traffic. Since the deadline is Sept. 12, it's a little late to apply. But we think this is a great way to express the benefits of carfree living and carfree space.

So mark this date on your calendars, plan to avoid the car (if you have on) on September 22, and encourage a few others to do the same. If you want to organize a public event, we'd be happy to promote it here. Just send us an email at cfa2ATpedalsongDOTnet. If you want to get involved with Ann Arbor's carfree events in May, contact the getDowntown program.

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