Monday, September 11, 2006

locking your bike

We came across an article from Davis, California, generally considered one of the best biking towns in the country. Their crime prevention specialist gives an extensive run-down of how to reduce the chances of your bike being stolen. While the article is geared towards Davis, most of the info applies equally well to Ann Arbor. A Michigan Daily article highlights the results of assuming your bike is safe in quaint, little Ann Arbor.

In brief, the Davis article suggests:
-Always lock your bike (wheels and frame)
-Two locks are better than one
-Lock it to something immovable (not just to itself)
-Consider the location; well lit, busy areas are safer
-A good tip on positioning the U-lock so it is difficult for the theif to access

We'd add:
-Keep the bike out of the way of pedestrians so that it isn't knocked over accidentally or out of frustration.
-Don't lock up at a rack full of broken, scavenged bikes. Your bike will become a target by association.

Ann Arbor has a lot of bike carcasses dangling from parking meters, street signs, and bike racks. While we can't prove that this scenery attracts bike theft, it certainly isn't deterring them.

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