Sunday, September 17, 2006

those comments are hardly "recent"

Bruce and Dave have a legitimate gripe regarding the "recent comments" section of the sidebar. It is extremely useful to know who has added new comments to which posts, especially when frequent posting forces discussions off of the front page. From an administrator's perspective, they also make your blog look more popular.

That assumes, of course, that recent comments actually show up when they are posted. Blogger has always had a bit of a delay in recognizing new comments. It seems that that delay has become permenant now. We've had a bunch of new comments that haven't showed up on the side bar.

Unfortunately, I don't know what the problem is. Hopefully I'll have more time to investigate it this week. For now, this is just a note to acknowledge the problem and let you all know that I'm working on it. In the mean time, I'm open to suggestions on fixing/improving this feature.

Thanks for caring enough to complain.

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Scott said...

Obviously, the recent comments section is working again, no thanks to me. I fiddled with a bunch of things and spent hours browsing usergroups only to find more people with the same problem but no solutions. Perhaps by adding to the pile of griping, I was the straw that broke the Blogger camel's back as they seem to have resolved whatever internal issue was causing the problem.

I've had the sidebar load oddly (or not at all) a few times in the past week. That indicates either that the problem was being dealt with, or that there are more problems to come. Stay tuned to find out...