Wednesday, September 20, 2006

kingsley lanes lofts

We tend to scoff at recommendations to move downtown as a solution to carfree living. If you want to start living carfree, that's one hell of an initial investment. And if you are already going without (or infrequent) use of a car, an explanation of how to load your bike on the bus is generally more practical than downtown real estate tips.

However, if you are looking for new digs close to downtown, Kingsley Lane condos has some unique carfree features that make it the premier carfree location in Ann Arbor. The lofts are located close to lots of downtown amenities. The purchase price includes walking shoes and a new bike. Most importantly, you don't have to buy a parking spot. Kingsley Lane only offers parking for half of the units. They encourage residents to either purchase parking at a near-by city structure or eliminate their car instead. That means your unit costs less and you are not paying for parking that you don't use.

The website also has a (basically self-promoting) blog with some posts about carfree and "car-smart" living. This article describes what they mean by "car-smart".

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