Tuesday, September 05, 2006

getting to the airport

Yes, it is a miserable disappointment that, despite having a large population of frequent flyers, our fair city has yet to implement a mass transit option for traveling to DTW. The Detroit-Ann Arbor Transit Study is addressing this issue. However, if the pace of progress on this study is any indication of the speed of the eventual transit, you can expect walking to be faster.
In the meantime, there are a number of options to get to your flight comfortably and on-time. While there are few cheap options, they compare well with the fuel and parking costs associated with driving yourself. The price can be cut by hooking up with others traveling at a similar time.

Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle will deliver you round-trip for $20 one-way $55 ($25 to the airport & $32 back to A2). Big discounts for multiple riders. Reservations required.
phone: 734-394-1665
website: http://www.annarborairportshuttle.net

Commuter Express arranges private cars for $48 one-way.
phone: 1-888-854-6700
website: http://www.commuterexpress.com

Most local taxi companies will also provide airport pick-up or delivery for about $50 one-way. Airport trips are also a great time to cash in on favors from friends and neighbors. It's an easy stop on the way to running other Detroit area errands.

Contributed by: Scott TenBrink

Anyone else have other tips for getting to and from DTW?


Anonymous said...

Hi I work for Ann Arbor Airport Shuttle and I just wanted you to know that we do not offer rides for $22. As a matter of fact no one does because the Airport increased the cost of commercial vehicle entry by $10 a couple months ago. For our MOST current rates check out our website here. Please correct the information you have posted.

Anonymous said...

Correction for above comment here is the proper link to our website.

Scott said...

Thanks for the update on AAAS. We've updated the info for this service and will check into rate changes for others.

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